Eleanor's EventsScranton, Kansas

The Biggest Surprise

I *thought* the biggest surprise would be the 2 feet of standing water in the basement the day we closed on the property. But I was wrong. What I didn't expect was a message I would receive through the spirit of Eleanor while spending so much time at the place she called home.

Those days, I was frustrated with the pressures of society and the way our life was heading. I often compared my children's life to my own childhood and wished there was a way back. I felt the negative impact technology had on our kids was something I had to accept. I mourned losing all control of our calendar because it was always filled up. I was sad that I didn't spend enough time with my kids...even though they were still young, living at home!

I did a lot of reflecting during those hot summer days, cleaning up her farmstead. Thankfully, those hours of clearing my head made me realize the life I felt I was losing didn't have to actually be lost. I just had to do one thing:


Those two words were the launching pad to start making changes. I slowed down and examined our daily decisions and how they impacted our future. It also forced me to put blinders on and determine what was best for our family without letting outside influences change our minds.

Once we figured out what we desired our life to look like, the next step was to FIGHT FOR IT. If we wanted one day a week of no commitments, we would have to fight for empty space on our calendar and be intentional about saying no. If we wanted to use technology for good, we would have to create clearer boundaries and battle against temptations by developing safeguards to help us succeed.

From there, we've literally taken one day at a time. It hasn't always been easy, but the rewards have been great, and I can finally say we are headed in a direction we feel good about.

Because of this, "Eleanor's" naturally morphed into not only renting out her property but adding the intentional living aspect that we can all learn from, whether near or far. Yet another way to share her legacy.❤️

You are full of surprises, Eleanor, and sincerely I thank you. I can't wait to see what you have in store next 😉