Eleanor's Events


Eleanor’s Events began in 2019 when the Shoup family purchased a neighboring farmstead, Eleanor’s, which dates back to the 1900s. Eleanor’s is now an extension of the Shoup's existing 5th generation farm which offers a farmhouse for overnight stays, and a white barn to rent for weddings.

We are now booking weddings and events for 2024 and 2025.


Why We Call It Eleanor's

Welcome to Eleanor's! Eleanor and Walter Smith were the previous owners of the farm property, which neighbor the land of Doug and Lara’s farm. Lara always drove by their place and saw how cute the farmstead could be. She didn’t fully understand what it would be used for, but thought “Eleanor’s” would be a great name that would represent its history. You could imagine her surprise when they were blessed to add the Smith property to their own! Lara’s goal was to make Eleanor’s a place for people to come, enjoy, and share the experiences that she savored during her childhood: wide open spaces on the farm, unplugging from worldly distractions and enjoying simple/quiet pleasures of the country.

After purchasing the property in 2019, it needed a tremendous amount of work. With the huge help from their neighbors, the Wise Family, the Shoup’s were able to improve a lot of the property and execute a couple events within the first year. The two families offered a wide range of experiences for the public during that time, but then decided it was better for Eleanor’s to become a rental property for people to utilize as overnight stays and weddings, which the Shoup family continues to manage in addition to farming fulltime.

The rental options of Eleanor’s are now a combination of the original Smith property and the Shoup farm. You can rent Eleanor’s farmhouse through AirBnB, The Smith Shop or Tree Grove Area located behind the farmhouse, or what we call Eleanor’s White Barn which is actually a big agriculture building located on the Shoup farm (1/2 mile south of Eleanor’s). It is used for farm use from January-July but then converted into a rental wedding space from August-December.

In addition to the rental selections, the Shoup family offers their annual Sunflower viewing as part of Eleanor’s. The field moves around their farm every year, so be sure to check back on their field location and bloom dates, which can be found here.

The journey of the renovation and sharing Eleanor’s story has made a lasting impact on the Shoup family. Not only do they open the property for people to experience, but they also try to share the ways they feel Eleanor would have lived: simply, intentionally, and with joy, which can be found on their social media pages and here.

LEFT PHOTO: Doug and Lara Shoup Family
RIGHT PHOTO: Walter and Eleanor Smith, taken in 1988, in their flower garden.