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Ok For You But Not For Me

I am hard on my kids. I always regret it once I stop and really think about how I’m treating them. Instead of choosing my battles, I take on every battle! That is what SUPERMOM is all about, right? Keeping a tight leash on your kids and setting the bar super high? Thankfully, after some reflection recently, I have a new perspective...

As Christians, we know how miserably we fail at numerous tasks and actions throughout our day. Yet, when we glance up at God, we are reassured that He forgives and loves us. It doesn’t matter how much we are being a disappointment, His love is unconditional. It is comforting to know that when I make mistakes, at least someone still has my back…because HE knows I am human and far from perfect.

Yet WHY do I hold my kids to a different standard? When they don’t do what I ask or spill a cup FULL of pop on the floor, I repeatedly get on to them and ask why they didn’t listen or be more careful!! Not only that, but I bring it up AGAIN when their Dad comes home and maybe even AGAIN before they go to sleep, hoping that I am getting my point across!

When I make the same exact mistakes (in adult form), does God treat me like that? Never. I always feel Him calmly looking at me, his eyes telling me that I need to pick myself up and go on. I know I let Him down, but I also know that once I acknowledge my weaknesses to Him, He moves on and doesn’t keep throwing it in my face. I really appreciate that about Him.

So why is it okay for me to fail God but not for others to fail me? As challenging as it will be, I will try to be as understanding and calm with my children as He is to me. Sure, I’ll still get on to them and discipline them when needed, but then I need to let it go and hope they make a better decision next time. We know that kids won’t always do the right thing, but thankfully God doesn’t give up on us adults either! With every year I get under my belt, I can see I’m going to need all the help and forgiveness I can get!