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Highs & Lows

I don't know about you, but the days speed by and I often lie awake at night wondering if I connected enough with my husband and kids.

One strategy that was shared with me, and has been very helpful in this area, is doing highs and lows" at dinner. My kids don't respond well to the question, "How was your day?" But when I ask them to share their high and/or low of the day, I'm always surprised at how much they open up and express events or thoughts they wouldn't have otherwise.

We don't do this every day, but especially when I need a better gauge on how their day went I'll say, "Let's share our highs of the day. Who wants to start?" It's a great question to have in your back pocket, especially when you are feeling disconnected.

Now that we've done this for a while now, it's been really neat to witness one of the kids bringing up this question, on their own, as we sit down for dinner. As a parent, it is always nice when you don't have to initiate everything...especially conversations ;)

Share your ideas or experiences on ways that you connect with your loved ones! We all have so much to gain from each other!