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Update: Where Are They Now?

The year of 2020 brought lots of surprises and changes, and although you haven’t seen this crew together on Eleanor’s social media anymore, they are still neighboring families that continue to be very involved in each other's lives!!

After a 9 month whirlwind of getting Eleanor's up and going in 2019, then executing a Sunflower Festival and Christmas event in just a few short months, they quickly realized that balancing everything with young families was a tricky act! They kept forging ahead, trying to figure out what the best answer was, and then the unexpected happened in 2020. With that, many changes and decisions were made for them.

Meagan decided to take on the fulltime role of homeschooling her kids, and although Lara's kids went back to school, she wanted to complete her personal mission of renovating Eleanor's farmhouse before the following spring.

The house was finally finished and listed on AirBnB in February 2021, which continues to keep her busy in addition to wedding venue rentals on other areas of Eleanor's property.

A lot remains the same for their families, just in a different environment. Both families still see each other every weekend at church, where they teach and attend Religious Ed. They still swap gardening ideas, share parenting tips, get together for the occasional cookout, and strive to find simplicity and more white spaces on their calendars. The year of 2019 was one that they cherish greatly and know that the accomplishments and joys would have never happened without each and every one of them working together and creating such lifelong memories!!

As for the future for all of them at Eleanor's, they have decided to keep an open mind If schedules and ideas align, and they decide to throw together another special event, it is likely you will see them all together again. But in the meantime, duty calls in different directions of their lives, so they are just trusting in the process and going with it!

Thank you for sharing in their story and for your continued support as they take one day at a time. ☺