Why We Call it Eleanor's


Welcome to Eleanor's! Many of you have asked why the place is called "Eleanor's". Walter and Eleanor Smith were the previous owners of the property and surprisingly, Meagan and Lara (who are neighbors and close friends) never met them. But thanks to all the memories from all who knew the Smith family, the girls felt a deep connection to them, so much so that they want to keep their story alive...

Walter was known as a farmer, cattleman and beekeeper, and enjoyed woodworking and playing cards in his pastime. He was married to Eleanor for 63 years, and had two children, Elaine and Tyke. Walter passed away at age 93, in 2008.

Eleanor worked as a child care provider, telephone operator and school teacher. She was best known for her bountiful vegetable garden, but her real passion was her garden of irises and roses. Living along highway 75, people often stopped to admire the flowers and she always loved to name each and every iris plant in the garden. She also enjoyed music, both playing guitar and singing. Eleanor lived to be 103 years old and passed away May, 2018.

Walter and Eleanor raised their kids on this family farm, so Lara and Meagan found it fitting to continue the legacy by opening the farm to the public and letting other families come and enjoy farm life as much as they did.

Eleanor's began in 2019 when the Shoup family purchased a neighboring homestead to become part of their existing 5th generation farm. Soon after, wife Lara Shoup, partnered up with her talented neighbor, Meagan Wise, and they embarked on the mission to turn Eleanor's original homestead into a place to host events to embrace the simple, farm life.

LEFT PHOTO: Meagan Wise (left) and Lara Shoup (right)
RIGHT PHOTO: Walter and Eleanor Smith, taken in 1988, in their flower garden.


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Established in 2019, two neighbor women are renovating a farmstead - Eleanor's - that dates back to the 1900s. Eleanor's offers a place to host events that embrace the simple farm life and good ol' fashioned fun.

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