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Perfect, Easy Peel, Hard Boiled Eggs

Tired of hard boiled eggs that are hard to peel, not all the way cooked, or cracked from overcooking? We were too! We wanted to be able to cook the perfect--easy peel--egg, regardless if it was farm fresh or a couple weeks old. After a lot of trial and error, we figured it out!

FIRST, gather your supplies:
-Pot with Lid
-Steamer Basket/Colander
-Stove & Timer
-Eggs (can be old or farm fresh...doesn't matter!)

NEXT: 1- Fill the pot with water (a couple inches, depending on your steamer basket. You don't want your eggs standing in water, but enough to boil water without drying out)
2- Put steamer/colander in pot, then add eggs
3- Put lid on pot
4- Turn burner to medium-high
5- Once water starts to boil, set timer for 20 minutes and continue boiling the water
6- When timer goes off, take lid off, remove eggs and rinse with cold water
7- Allow eggs to cool off before handling

8- Enjoy!

Watch me do it! I even show you a finished egg :) Perfect, Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs